Aside from the content of a text, it is its application that governs what terminology and style are appropriate to use. A text, a phrase or even a single word can be translated in various ways. I will translate your text keeping the perspective of the reader in mind, and aim to help you to address your target audience in the best and most appropriate way.

Higher Education & Research

English is the language of higher education and research.

You would like to publish your research results in an international journal? Or you already published your results in English but the editorial office of a German journal offered you to publish your article as well? You need a summary of the contents of an article/book in your area of expertise to assess whether its contents are important for your work or studies? You are soon to attend a conference and are planning to present your latest paper?

You supply the contents, I will take care of anything else such that you can focus on your research.

  • seminar papers
  • final papers
  • doctoral theses
  • habilitation theses
  • presentation documents
  • websites
  • specialist publications
  • etc.
Companies & Public Institutions

You would like to start selling your products to German-speaking customers and therefore need German product descriptions, a German manual etc.? You are planning to attend a trade fair, where you would also like to get in contact with German suppliers and customers? And you would also like to direct them to the German version of your website? You have noticed that many Germans visit your website, but they don’t end up buying anything, and you are thinking about having your English texts translated into German?

Or are you the director of a museum and would like to offer your German customers German-speaking brochures etc. to make their visit more convenient and as pleasant and informative as possible? You are the representative of a NGO or foundation and are about to start an international campaign for charitable donations?

I am happy to assist you with the translation of all the texts you need from English to German and vice versa for these and similar kinds of projects.

  • business correspondence
  • advertising material
  • press releases
  • business reports
  • financial reports
  • sustainability reports (CSR)
  • compliance guidelines
  • websites
  • etc.
Job search

An international and renowned company has posted an advertisement for your dream job. You are planning to submit your application and you would like to make sure that your application won’t be eliminated due to formatting or language mistakes? You would like to relocate to Germany and found that expectations of German recruiters on application documents differ from those of their British or American colleagues?

I translate your application documents into German or English, adapting them to the habits and customs of the respective country.

  • cover letter
  • letter of motivation
  • curriculum vitae
  • references

Your text doesn’t fit into one of the areas mentioned above?

No problem. If you contact me for a quote, I will always check first whether I have the necessary knowledge and vocabulary to provide you with a high quality translation of your text, or edit it accordingly. After all, I aim to provide you with a text that is correct from both, the perspective of language and the line of arguments. Therefore I am also happy to recommend you another accomplished colleague out of my network if I myself cannot ensure a high-quality standard.

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