Editing Services

It doesn’t matter whether you are working on a research paper, an advertising text or a business letter – every text to be printed or published on the web should not contain any errors. Even if you only made careless mistakes (that allegedly aren’t as bad), those may still hamper your success and make a non-professional impression on your business partner.

Be it by translating or by editing your text, as a language expert I will help you create impeccable texts.

Depending on the kind of text and what you are looking for, you can chose from my various editing services.


It is easy to develop blind spots to one’s own mistakes. I will carefully read your text before you publish it, correcting any mistakes in terms of spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Please see Editing if you require any additional services, e. g., review of your line of argumentation.


Your text doesn’t read well? It lacks structure? I proofread your text with the eyes of the future reader. Besides spelling, grammar and punctuation, I look at the conclusiveness of the arguments presented as well as the style and syntax of your text.


You already have a first machine-translated draft of your text? You would like to make sure that important details weren’t omitted in the translation process and that the resulting translation of your original text is immaculate in content and style?

By post-editing your text, I ensure that your machine-translated version will have the same quality as a “by hand” translation. After completion of the post-editing process, you will receive a text that will read as if it was the original (and not a translated text, never mind a machine-translated version of it).

Website Check

I review the contents of your website in terms of language, readability (e. g., on different devices and in different browsers) and search engine optimization. You will receive a list of recommendations on how you could optimize your position and your presence in the web. If required, I will also provide you with an offer for a new translation or revision of your website.


Typesetting determines the look of your text when it is published, and therefore needs to be accurate to achieve the desired result. I ensure that all typographic requirements – e. g., the formatting of passages, hyphenation, consistent punctuation and titles, indents and spaces – are fulfilled, and make according revisions in the desired format if required.

I usually record all changes via the “track changes” mode of MS Word or LibreOffice, depending on the format at hand. If you wish, I can also add my recommendations for improvement via the commenting function in PDF documents or record them, noting the number of line, in a separate document. Of course you can also receive a hand-corrected version of your text.

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