What I can do for you

I primarily translate

  • communication materials for business purposes,
  • higher education and research texts (Economics, Business Studies and the Social Sciences) and
  • application documents.

Content is sometimes more important than style and format. Therefore I also offer

  • rough content summaries and
  • rough translations (correct translation, observing specific terminology, but no stylistic revision) of texts.

My editing services include

  • an overall review with focus on grammar, style and presentation of arguments;
  • post-editing of translations in my working languages German and English;
  • review of texts in terms of search engine criteria;
  • finalization of texts prior to publication, observing any given formatting requirements (print & web);
  • optimization of application documents.

You need reliable data for your doctoral thesis? You would like to inform your customers about the latest developments in your industry ? You are looking for information on a certain topic? You are welcome to leave the research up to me. On request I search for information online and offline in

  • databases,
  • general literature and specialized publications,
  • journals and newspapers,
  • monographs,
  • encyclopedias
  • etc.

As required I also contact

  • archives and libraries,
  • public relation offices and
  • experts,

or research on site/in-house if you wish.

I am happy to assist you also with any of the following tasks:

  • writing of texts (copy-writing and ghostwriting);
  • management of terminology;
  • formatting and creation of office templates (MS Office and LibreOffice);
  • design and layout of diagrams and information graphics;
  • creation of outlines, tables of contents, indices, glossaries;
  • creation of presentation documents/slides;
  • transcription of hand-written English and German texts.

How I work

Your satisfaction and success is my priority.

  • First of all, we talk about your expectations, requirements, goals and time frame and define my tasks accordingly.
  • If you wish, I will regularly send you interim results of my work.
  • I translate as close to the source text as necessary and possible.
  • I take into account the peculiarities of the target and source language as well as cultural habits of the target audience.
  • I also consider the purpose of the text.
  • If you wish, I will incorporate your terminology.
  • You determine the final format of your order: digital or print, two times revised by default.
  • I use Linux and Window 10 for my work. Therefore I can handle various formats: office and text processing formats (LibreOffice and MS Office), PDF (creation and editing), DTP formats, further formats on request.
  • Depending on the characteristics of the text at hand, I will translate it using CAT tools (primarily OmegaT).
  • Two-man rule: If you wish or if I deem necessary, I will have a professional colleague proof-read my translation.
Judith Wenk is a member of the DVÜD e. V.

What you pay

You tell me what you need. I tell you my rate.

My rates, depending on the kind of service, are determined by

  • the topic and amount of required revisions,
  • the scope and extent of research possibly required,
  • the desired format,
  • the duration and type of use,
  • the type of original text (machine-readable, printed or handwritten),
  • the amount of formatting work required,
  • your expectations on the result (rough, reviewed or ready-for-print translation),
  • the desired date of completion
  • etc.

I will gladly provide you with an individual quote free of charge.

Please do not hesitate to send me your text (or an extract from it) and requirements by email, or call me to talk about the details.

How can I help you?

``Language is the dress of thought.``

Samuel Johnson (1709-84), English poet and literary critic.

I am happy to send you an offer on request. The more precise you are in telling me what you are looking for, the better I can help you to realize your goals.

Information on the following points help me to draft an offer matching your expectations!

  • With what kind of task do you need my assistance?
  • Source and target language for translations, or the language of the text you would like me to edit (German, English).
  • Text length (word count) or the complete text in a common file format (docx, odt, pdf) such that I can estimate the word count myself.
  • Purpose of the text.
  • Desired date of delivery.
  • For the localization of websites, you are also welcome to note the domain of your website if it is already available online.
  • Any special requirements: additional review by a professional colleague of mine (two-man rule), trial translation.

    Judith Wenk

    Judith Wenk

    ``Language is a means of transport: Just as goods are transported from Leipzig to Dresden by railways, ideas are transported from one mind to another by language.``

    Wilhelm Ostwald (1853-1932), German chemist, physicist and philosopher.

    Texts are ideas in writing and it is my passion to transfer ideas from one language into another (German/English) and phrase them in the best possible way. German is my native language. Therefore I primarily translate from English into German (Native Speaker Principle).

    I was about four years old when I first listened to the English language recorded on tape by Jane Ferrell (Sing-A-Ling Course). Since that time English has always been a part of my life: Exchange year to Canada, Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English, English-speaking undergraduate studies (B. Sc. Business Studies) and alongside my graduate studies of Economics (M. Sc. Economics) and Business Law and Economic Law (LL. M. oec.) the successful participation in the English-speaking WTO Elsa Moot Court competition (European champion).

    As an intern in charge of the project “Languages without Borders” at the Goethe Institute in Strasbourg and in the web editorial office of the Foreign Office in Berlin, I learned from experienced journalists and linguists how to write well-reading and concise texts (German/English/French) for different kinds of media.

    Subsequently, I translated and edited articles, presentation slides etc. as a student assistant at the Leibniz-Institute for Agricultural Development in Central and Eastern Europe (IAMO) for two years. With my accomplished writing and language skills and a profound knowledge of economics, I was able to assist PhD-students and employees at the institute with the finalization of their texts prior to publication.

    After having worked in the education and, subsequently, health industry, I am happy to assist my customers as a translator & editor again doing just that: To transfer German and English (specialized) texts into the other language and fine-tune them in the process.


    I am happy to assist you!

    You have some questions concerning my services? Or you already have a clear idea how I could help you, and would like to clarify the details?

    You may contact me in the following ways:

    phone number

    +49 (0351) 79211-609

    email address


    fax number

    +49 (0351) 79211-624


    Rudolf-Renner-Str. 46
    01159 Dresden